ASE researchers have recently began developing an impact evaluation for the PAEFE (Programme D’Appui à L’Education et La Formation des Enfants Exclus du Système Educatif) project. Until 2019, ASE will be working in conjunction with researchers from the C4ED (Center 4 Evaluation and Development) at the University of Mannheim. The study is commissioned and funded by the DDC (Direction du Développement et de la Coopération Suisse) at the Confédération Suisse.

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PAEFE aims to support the development of bilingual education and tailored training for children aged 9-15, whom are currently uneducated, either dropped out of school or currently not attending school for various reasons in the northern communes of Alibori and Borgou in Benin.

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The project aims to reach several objectives, including to enhance community participation and commitment and develop high quality and sustainable bilingual education programs for children excluded from the formal education system. It also aims to enhance the skills and expertise of local municipalities and state bodies in managing alternative education programs, and lastly aims to institutionalize this approach and involve all relevant public and private partners.

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From 2011-2015, the first phase of the PAEFE program took place in Borgou and educated 2,167 students, of which 1,223 were girls. Subsequently, the first cohort of 384 students passed the CEP examination with a success rate of 77%.

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The second phase of the project is taking place from 2016-2020. It will extend the program into the Alibori commune and focus on strengthening education and training, institutionalization and program ownership by national actors.