In Benin, the National Program of Fighting Against Malaria (PNLP) has been working for decades to combat this disease. Bed nets treated with insecticide have been recognized and recommended as an effective means to fight against malaria.  In 2012, The EDS (Enquête Démographique de la Santé) found that 80% of households have at least one treated net. In 2014, surveys revealed that 70% of households have at least one treated net with long lasting insecticide. However, PNLP’s reports from 2009 to 2013 indicated an increase in malaria cases nationally. Specifically, in the town of Abomey, a 2014 report from Ouèdo health shows that every month in the year, at least 50 cases of malaria were found. Given these facts, this project aims to identify the causes related to the continued increase malaria in Ouèdo.

Sponsored by: IERPE