Afrobarometer is an independent, non-partisan research project that measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa. Afrobarometer surveys are conducted in more than 35 African countries and are repeated on a regular cycle. Because the instrument asks a standard set of questions, countries can be systematically compared. Trends in public attitudes are tracked over time. Results are shared with decision makers, policy advocates, civic educators, journalists, researchers, donors and investors, as well as average Africans who wish to become more informed and active citizens

IERPE is an Afrobarometer core partner, providing technical assistance and support for the network’s francophone countries. We also organise summer schools for national partners to develop their statistical analysis skills. As the national partner for Benin, we conduct research, collect and disseminate information on the views of its citizens on democracy, governance, economic reform, civil society and the quality of life.


Sponsored by: Afrobarometer